Swn Fest – Tickets to the Festival of Music

The annual event of Swn Fest in Cardiff, Wales has been attracting a lot of interest over the past ten years. The event has been on the forefront to spread music and music appreciation providing unbridled joy and happiness to music lovers.

The music festival is held across numerous venues in the city of Cardiff and the tickets for the event are always in demand.

Ways to Purchase the Tickets

Tickets for the Swn Fest in Cardiff can be bought through various online sites, such as Ticket Tailor and See Tickets. The DICE FM app can also be downloaded to purchase tickets. Another option to purchase tickets is to visit Spillers Records in person.

Cost of the Tickets

Tickets can be purchased on a per day basis, or for the weekend, although the weekend tickets are quite costly. People who want to witness the performances of the various bands over the weekend can do so with the purchase of a special weekend wristband. Adult (over the age of 18 years) Weekend Wristbands cost £55, while young adult wristbands (14 -17 years) cost £10. Though the wrist bands are offered to young adults the age restriction might vary at different venues.

However, individual Saturday and Sunday tickets are priced at £35 and £25 respectively. Weekend wristbands can be purchased directly from the venues if they are not sold out earlier. There are certain music shows that are held in Tramshed. If you have purchased the weekend wristband, you can enter the Tramshed venue free. Individual tickets to the event in Tramshed cost £12.50 each day of the weekend.

Care should be taken when booking advance tickets as the festival does not have a refund policy in place though it does not prevent reselling of the unused tickets.