Five UK Festivals to Look Forward to in 2022

Festivals are fun and interesting ways to spend time with your loved ones. Here are 5 festivals you must visit in the UK:

burgers at festival

The North Leeds Food Festival

Visit Roundhay Park in Leeds on the 14th and 15th of May to experience a unique food festival. Indeed, this festival celebrates international and local food traditions. The North Leeds Food Festival has street food and premium cuisine to choose from. You can also indulge in some fine alcohol and beverages. Additionally, the live music programs bring the whole festival to life. Furthermore, you can participate in their charity events to become a part of a good cause. Therefore, thousands of people pour into Roundhay Park to experience food, art, and culture- all in one place.

Sounds of the City, 2022

This outdoor summer festival was inaugurated in 2016. From 28th June to 8th July in 2022 Castlefield Bowl in Manchester will host a series of live concerts. Indeed, the festival attracts thousands of people across the country. Sounds of the City is one of the UK’s biggest indie, rock, and pop music festivals. The line-up includes artists like Lewis Capaldi, Foals, and Crowded House. Enjoy almost two weeks of pulsing energy and adrenaline through live concerts at the Sounds of the City. You can, even, grab a hot dog or a beer from the nearby food stalls. A warm day with good food and amazing music- that’s the music festival at Manchester!

Stratford Literary Festival

Shakespeare’s birthplace becomes the host of one of the UK’s most famous literary festivals. Visit Fodders from 3rd May to 8th May to experience workshops on fiction writing. Additionally, there are several events like calligraphy and story-telling. Indeed, children can enjoy too, with crafts events held for them. Well-known figures like Sir Derek Jacobi and Maggie O’Farrell will hold talks to help writers and poets. Furthermore, many new well-known writers join each year to share their talents and experiences. Thus, the Stratford Literary Festival is a dream come true for all bookworms.

The British Science Festival

Held between 13th and 17th September, the British Science Festival will be hosted by the De Montford University in Leicester. Absolutely anyone can visit and participate in this science festival. The programs celebrate the advancement of technology and encourage new minds to explore and discover. The events include workshops, talks, and drop-in activities. Indeed, you can also participate in perceptive challenges and creative events. Therefore, the British Science Festival is truly for all.