Cardiff- Capital Pleasure

Cardiff, Wales is the largest city in the country and is the capital as well. Cardiff is the tenth largest city in the United Kingdom and is considered the commercial, cultural, and sporting centre of Wales. The city is an important tourist destination with numerous places of interest and unique activities for visitors.

Cardiff is a city that is easily accessible by all means of transportation. Purchasing an air, land, train or sea ticket will give you access to a city steeped in culture.

Things to do in Cardiff

The city of Cardiff offers innumerable opportunities to experience the rich Welsh culture and heritage. The following is a comprehensive list of places that tourists should visit during their stay in Cardiff.

  • National Museum

The museum is conveniently situated in the centre of the city. Tourists are introduced to the Welsh cultural, geological features of Wales and art symbols. The museum also serves as a place where major exhibitions are held. The exhibit collection includes impressionist paintings of European painters, as well as modern and contemporary art exhibits.

  • Wales Millennium Centre

The centre was established in 2004 and is considered by many as a significant cultural and art centre. The centre hosts a wide variety of performing arts performances of opera, ballets, and art exhibitions.

  • Royal Arcade

Visiting a new city is never complete without a shopping experience. The Royal Arcade is one of the oldest independent shopping arcades and dates back to 1858. It houses shops selling jewellery, household items, and unusual gifts.

  • Bute Park and Arboretum

This is a vast 56-acre green area bordered by the Sophia Gardens, Cardiff Castle, the River Taff, and the Pontcanna Fields. The park includes sports facilities, urban and historic landscapes, and a river corridor. The park offers amiable surroundings for small gatherings. Large community events are also organized in the park.

  • Principality Stadium

The stadium is a symbol of modern Wales. People can visit the Press Conference suite and the Olympic football dressing room. Visitors are introduced to the feel of the atmosphere of a football game through the guided tours.

  • Big Pit National Coal Museum

This is a coal mine which, in its prime, employed 1300 workers. It has been converted into a museum. This museum was the proud recipient of the Museum of the Year Award in 2005. The underground tour through the coal museum is conducted by a real miner who gives a first-hand account of the miner’s lives and their work underground. 

And A Lot More

The above list is not complete but gives a sample of the wide variety of attractions that are a part of the city. It can be safely said that Cardiff is a city that is worth visiting and all who live there invite you to personally enjoy the various attractions like Cardiff Castle which is a 2000-year old Roman fort situated in the heart of Cardiff. Swn Fest is an added attraction for people who visit the city during the time the festival is presented. Read here, where you can get the tickets.