What to Do After the Bands Stop Playing

A lot of work goes into making the Swn Fest a huge success every year. The whole city centre is transformed into a mega party hall with non-stop bands and music. In addition to the music is the feeling of oneness that this festival generates. Swn Fest provides the best opportunity for everyone to discover the various bands in Wales.

However, there are a lot more things that a person can do when the bands stop playing.

Things to Do after the Swn Fest is Over

After a couple days of non-stop music attacking the senses and when the music stops, a person feels the need to find other entertainment to fill the void. Luckily, there are many more things to do in Cardiff. One of the easiest things to do is to play slots on your mobile. Everyone should know how to enjoy slots and party.

  • Playing Slots

People who feel bored after the festival can easily log on to the numerous mobile casinos and keep playing their favourite game.

  • Closing Party

The closing party of the Swn Fest Dim Swn is one that is truly worth attending. The party is held till the wee hours of the morning and is an excellent way to socialize, make new friends, cement bonds with old friends, and discuss the bands which were featured at the Fest. A lot of knowledge-sharing happens during this party as well as a lot of fun to be enjoyed.

  • Spillers Records

Spillers Records is the world’s oldest record store and sells all the albums of the new bands which were featured in the festival.

The 2016 edition of the Fest featured the Music Museum, which was a collaboration between the Cardiff University and Swn Fest to allow people to research the history of the Fest.

  • City Tour of Cardiff

Cardiff has lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions. People who have travelled far to attend the festival can tour the various cultural and artistic attractions throughout the city. People are encouraged to share their experiences and musical memorabilia with others.Wales is a country that is quite small in size, and despite its size, the Swn Fest can compete with all other festivals in the UK. As well, the city of Cardiff has numerous attractions to enthral visitors even after the festival is over.